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VW Amarok

In relation to the launching activities for VW Amarok, the first Volkswagen pick-up, we developed promotional stage banners of the new vehicle for Latin American Volkswagen web sites. We produced banners for the different stages of the presentation. Starting with the one for the campaign before the model was revealed and followed by another one related to the special programme of Dakar Rally, for which the VW Amarok is the official support vehicle.

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Volkswagen Latin America Splash Page

We developed a Splash page access the sites of the different countries which form Volkswagen Latin America.

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Felices Fiestas


Saludamos a nuestros clientes, proveedores, colegas, familias y amigos, deseándoles el mayor de los éxitos para el año que comienza. ¡Muchas felicidades!

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BA Emprende 2008

Almactiva “BA Emprende 2008″ Winners!

We have been awarded the BA Emprende 2008 by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. The prize consisted in funding towards hiring qualified members of staff as well as technical advice on business development.

BA Emprende 2008

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Volkswagen Masters - Latin America 2008

After launching Volkswagen Junior Cup we developed the micro site for the Volkswagen Masters, a regional golf event which target is VW customers. The main idea was to immerse the user within the context of the event. We chose a ‘golf green’ as the key interface for the site which allowed the user to engage with the experience. The site shows information about the tournament such as photos, videos, event schedule and results. There is also the option to book a test drive.

Volkswagen Masters Latin America 2008 is the 5th edition of this regional amateur golf tournament. 9 countries participates at local events, and the final game takes place on 13th and 14th December 2008 in Cap Cana, Dominican Republic.

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Dinámica SE + BID

Almactiva “Capital Semilla” Winners!

Almactiva won the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) ‘Capital Semilla’ contest. We were selected amongst a shortlist of 22 finalists.

Dinámica SE

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La Maga y el Camino Dorado - Nickelodeon

After launching the ISA TKM site, we were requested to create the website for La Maga y el Camino Dorado, a remake of  The Wizard of Oz. Both websites have similar functions and technical specifications. In both projects we used a Flash microsite, with games, videos, downloads and a Blog for users to leave comments. However, this time the challenge was to create a ‘fantasy world’. We doubled our designers in order to create the magical effects, animations, Crop characters and backgrounds.

Technically, we decided to use Action Script 3 (Flash) to improve the performance of the games and reduce uploading and image generation times. For the blog, we used  Wordpress , which allowed us to customize its functions, navigation and organic Search Engine indexing.

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Volkswagen Junior Cup - Latin America 2008

The aim behind this ‘microsite’ was promoting the ‘ Volkswagen Junior Cup’, a childrens’ football tournament taking place in Latin America. The intended target users are the players and their parents.  The aim is to communicate key information about the tournament (schedule, results, and pictures), before, during and after its completion.

The website experience is enhanced by the opportunity for the parents to apply for an  online test drive of the new VW Tiguan, as well as to make airline ticket reservations for the Final Game to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Volkswagen Junior Cup Latin America 2008 is a regional junior football event in which nine Latin American countries participate.

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Polo Management Group

Polo Management Group - La Martina

The site was developed for Polo Management Group, a subsidiary polo events company of the famous brand “La Martina”.
Since we had very good multimedia assets (photos and videos), the idea was to take advantage of them by using the full screen Flash resource. The video introduces us into the sport of Polo and shows us its emotions and dynamisms. The photos were used for multimedia galleries.
Technically, we developed a backend in PHP + MySQL which connects to Flash allowing the client to update the events, photos, galleries and videos.

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ISA TKM - Nickelodeon

The goal of this project was not only to promote the show but also to make a Web 2.0 micro site to enhance the interaction between the users and the characters. This can be appreciated on the Blog where all the main characters of the show post daily topics and users can leave their comments.

Under the section Chapters (Capítulos), is possible to view daily episodes and also leave comments.  Under WallpaperISAte, users can create and download their own custom wallpapers and under Yo soy ISA, visitors can compose their own ISA style character, upload their own photo and use an on-line Video Editor to create short films using footage of the show. All these applications work virally, allowing teens to share their experiences.

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Gran DT - Interactive Outsourcing for Agencies

At Almactiva we usually collaborate with other agencies. In this case we participated on the project Gran DT Clarín, for/with the agency Cero Negativo. Our tasks focused on the design and Flash animation of sections such as ‘Salida a la Cancha’ and ‘Mi equipo’, and also on the Actionscript coding and CSS of the frontend of the application.

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